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INSPIRARE Team: What’s in your bag?

The INSPIRARE team shares what you can find in their bags, and the top items they can’t live with out!

As women, we are known to carry our many “essentials”, and “non essentials” wherever we go. May it be our phones, keys, old candy you took on the way out of a restaurant, receipts, sometimes random bits & pieces that can bring us back to a fun memory. Here we share with you our main items that we MUST bring with us at all times.

Andy Lenicna - Business Development + Fashion Editor 


Andy's bag

Chanel makeup

1 Item I can’t live without: I usually carry some basic make-up just incase I’m going out after a day at work!


Nicole Taylor- Marketing Intern


Nicole's bag

Nicole and her lips balm

1 Item I can’t live without: As a music lover, earphones are always with me for those MUNI rides and walking around the city.

Josie Cabrera- Fashion Editor

What's in your bag

Josie's bag

Josie's make up

1 Item I can’t live without: Several types of lip balms. Since I’m always on the go and sometimes I have to meet people after work, it is good to have different types of lip balm in case I run out! 

Photography by Jennymay Villarete

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