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Valley Hustle

Inspired by TV shows and movies from the 1970s, “Valley Hustle” brings together fashion and architecture for a modern interpretation of the confidently personal style that blossomed during that era.

Beyond just bell-bottoms and mini skirts, the 1970s saw an explosion of fashion ideas that caused a permanent shift in how people viewed clothes, and what it meant to dress for yourself.

Different fashion trends come and go, but personal style attitude is here to stay.

Timothy Roper

Timothy Roper

Timothy Roper

Timothy Roper

Using locations in Palo Alto that are vintage by Silicon Valley standards, the photographs in “Valley Hustle” are a way to think both about how quickly things change, and how the fundamentals of personal style remain the same. The shades of retro-ness serve to illustrate how style is as much about thought and personal expression as it is about specific clothes. And like other forms of creative expression, style is ultimately about showing it to others.

 Clothes only become style when taken off the hanger and worn out into the world for others to see and enjoy.

Timothy Roper is a fashion photographer currently based in Silicon Valley, California. His vérité-inspired approach reaches beyond the models, clothes and locations, to convey a uniqueness and intimacy that transcends individual elements of a photo shoot.

Timothy RoperTimothy Roper

Photographer and Writer: Timothy Roper
Model: Andrea Chen/Halvorson Model Management
Styling: Yoseline Cabrera
Hair and Make-Up: Wendy Tran

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