The Team



CEO & Founder, CFA, CPA
MBA, Texas A&M University

I have a background in business and finance but in my spare time I love to travel, meet new people and delve into my obsession of photography. I am constantly searching for the next big challenge and believe patience is a virtue (although my 5 year old son often tells me I need more!)

I’m a big believer in what we are doing here at Inspirare and think it’s time for a fashion industry shake up. San Francisco is such a great place to nurture this idea, it’s a hub of innovation and creativity. We’re in good company.



Executive Editor

Adrienne Glenn is Executive Editor of Inspirare Magazine. Prior to this position, which she began in January 2013, she spent two years as the Alternative Fashion Editor at BayFashion Magazine. Not only did she help grow this small fashion magazine into a competitor, she showcased and encouraged the world to see the beauty in models of all shapes and sizes. Also a freelance writer and journalist for multiple publications, Adrienne has had the opportunity to cover events and interview fascinating people from across the globe.

For nearly a decade, before she got into the world of publishing, Adrienne focused her sites on the plus size modeling world and became an internationally recognized plus-size model; it was then that she truly saw the fashion world from the inside out and learned many different facets of the industry. A lifelong lover of fashion, she naturally gravitated toward it; that was how she quickly became a vocal advocate for healthy body image and the dream to one day see the fashion world be pro-natural beauty and not just market to those under a size 8.

Adrienne hopes to continue to spread her love of fashion like an infection; showcasing all the sides of beauty, clothing and enlivening intellect throughout the thoughtfully crafted pages of Inspirare Magazine.




Customer Service Manager
BBA, Marketing and Management, University of Houston 

After barely leaving Kuala Lumpur where I was born for the first 19 years of my life, I made a huge leap by traveling half way around the world (literally) to Houston, Texas. At that stage I had one purpose in life, and that was an education. My parents had always done so much for me so I wanted to make them proud, and I did. I graduated with my BBA 3.5 years later and decided to stay a little longer to see how life would unfold and now I call Houston my home.

So far the journey has been interesting and full fulling, both personally and professionally. I’ve learnt my relentless positive nature and desire to embrace whatever life or work throws at me allows me to keep looking forward to what’s next.

I love having the opportunity to interact with Inspirare members on a daily basis and be directly involved in the new ideas they are exploring on the site.


 Josephine Liu 

Business Development
BFA: Animation and Visual Effects, Academy of Art University, San Francisco

Hello! Growing up, I’ve always somehow gravitated towards the beautiful world of art. When the time came, I made the decision to study animation and visual effects at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I fell in love with all the different aspects of the industry and began slowly branching out into multiple fields of design, photography, and advertising. Now, my journey for new and exciting creative outlets continue; I continue to strive for new learning experience and new ways to better myself.