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The Ohio Transplant: The West Coast Adventure

Fashion bloggers these days are a source of inspiration for fashion, style, and lifestyle.  We’re here to show you the coolest blogs, from Paris to NY…all over the world!

From artful outfit-of-the-day photos, beauty tips, and even some fun event recommendations  to do in San Francisco. This is what you can find out on The Ohio Transplant. Aimee is the author of this fashion and lifestyle diary. Originally from Ohio and currently living in San Francisco, she works as a copywriter for a social and digital agency while she writes and shares her style through her blog. 

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The Ohio Transplant blog

I love everything involving food, dogs and a good cup of coffee. I appreciate all things quirky, love wandering around the city exploring new neighborhoods and meeting unique people wherever I go!

Aimee has always been a fashion lover inside and out. Since she was in middle school, she has always looked for the stylish and coolest outfits through fashion magazines. She loves to create inspiring outfits and share them with the rest of the fashion community.  Aimee The Ohio Transplant

Leather Jacket Aimee

In The Ohio Transplant you will find not only stylish tips, you will also find food pictures about the best places to go around San Francisco. Are you looking for a delicious brunch in the city? Take a look to the blog and find out the place you are looking for!

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Written by Andy Lencina 

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