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Stylish & Simple, Small Branch Jewelry

Soft minimalistic jewelry has been on the trend watch for quite some time now. Small Branch is a sophisticated Spanish brand that gives us a wide selection of simple, elegant everyday wearing pieces. Their passion and goal is to combine the new and the traditional in a minimalist line of jewelry with a touch of exclusivity.

Small Branch is a brand of jewelry that’s Spanish born with an aim of differentiating each woman through unique jewels and with quality, hand-made. We believe that the hands and mastery of our craftsmen bring a touch of exclusivity to each one of our pieces, and therefore to you.

Small branch jewelryRectangular 18k Gold Earrings by Small Branch, $110.00 Inspirare Shop

Small Branch Jewelry

Cross 18k Gold Ring by Small Branch, $122.00 Inspirare Shop

Small branch jewelrySmall Branch Necklace 18k Gold by Small Branch, $327.00 Inspirare Shop

Small Branch Jewelry Silver Heart Bracelet by Small Branch $84.00 Inspirare Shop

A brand that’s stylish and simplistic, shop Small Branch on our Inspirare shop!


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