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Guest Blogger: Once in Paris

Guest blogger Naelle of Once in Paris gives us a glimpse of what Parisian style is to her, and perfect outfit inspirations to go along with it!

Parisian Style Once in Paris

As daughter of a French and a German mother, I first visited Paris at age 12. I’ll never forget the moment when I walked in the Galeries Lafayette, looked up at the magnificent dome and knew that I was born to live in Paris and be the Parisian girl I always imagined to be. Even though there are certainly many interpretations of what Parisian style is, in my eyes, the Parisian woman is always elegant, chic and coquette. Her outfits are feminine and self-confident, sometimes lofty… independent if she is from the posh 16th arrondissement, or a more bohemian girl living in the north of Montmartre or even the suburbs. Most of all, her style is characterized by the ability to be always dressed up in a nonchalant, well-thought but easy looking way.

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Even after 5 years in this wonderful city, I still love to walk every day on the same streets in which you seem to feel the presence of the most famous Parisian women like Edith Piaf, Coco Channel, Simone de Beauvoir or Catherine Deneuve. The admiration of their styles and the impression to walk through a historical novel every day, has a huge impact on the content of my wardrobe: I love to buy vintage pieces and dream about who might have worn it and in which occasions. I can spend hours looking for the perfect piece in vintage stores that you can find in the Marais, then head to rue Saint Honoré and check out the latest collections of both French and international designers, ruining myself in one of the famous Vente Privées in the city, and finally end up in a so called “Vide dressing” (“Wardrobe sales”) organized by a Parisian fashion blogger.

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Mixing vintage with modern elegance gives me the feeling of being part of the typical Parisian dynamism that is both based on the celebration of the past and the future.

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In Paris, you can wear the classic, 70 year old pencil skirt with a dolphin print shirt, marry a preppy masculine look with elegant accessories or walk around in a tutu skirt paired with a denim-shirt. And when I do so, I knew that the 12 year old girl has realized her dream: Today, she is a Parisian.

Written by: Naelle of Once in Paris

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