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October Street Style

Fall doesn’t appear all at once.  A few leaves start changing colors, as a few old ones drop off to blow along the sidewalk, done for the year. Mornings start getting just a little cooler at first, and the days a little shorter.  Fashion, too, starts to change in small steps, with hints of warmer clothes appearing and mixing with the looks from summer.  It’s a period of transition that provides enough time to ease out of the hot summer and into winter.


A cardigan with a summer dress is a perfect preparation for cooler temps.


A cozy scarf provides a feeling of being warm in addition to actual warmth when it starts to get chilly out.


Prints of summer on pants for fall.  Add a jacket, and the spirit of summer can stay for just a little longer.


 It’s no secret that every year, summer must come to an end.  Saying farewell with some favorite summer looks might help create fond memories for when it gets cold and dreary out.


More and more people are making their own, unique way through careers and through life—and style reflects that.


With some scissors and some confidence…cool and interesting Capri-length distressed jeans.


What could be more fun than putting on a new outfit and heading downtown for ice cream?


For those who like Doc Martens, there are more styles and colors available now than ever before. It’s a good time to be wearing them.


Contrasting colors like yellow and purple might not be an obvious choice.  But when muted and natural, they might look great.


A long lace cardigan adds movement and a new silhouette, even when standing still.

OctoberSS_12Perennial polka dots—they will undoubtedly return again next year.

Written by: Timothy Roper  


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