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New York Fashion Week SS15 – Through My Eyes Part 2

Of all of the New York Fashion Week shows that made a lasting impression, the stunning men’s presentation of Giovanni Cattelaya to present his Spring/Summer 2015 line made more than a lasting impression – it made fashion feel past, present and future all at once. Set at the iconic, High Line Hotel in Chelsea, the setting was prefect to dawn a dynamic collection of old, new and transformed.

After experiencing my first Fashion Week, I learned that Fashion Week does not only consist of shows rather presentations and exhibitions of collections and at the most unique locations. Instead of the models strutting the catwalk, a presentation will have models stationary as photographer and observers walk around the models to experience the collection just as they would on the runway.

The High Line Hotel

The High Line Hotel

Giovanni Cattelaya Men's SS15 Presentation at The High Line Hotel

Giovanni Cattelaya Men’s SS15 Presentation at The High Line Hotel



The High Line old-fashioned wooden ballroom was the perfect setting to present Giovanni’ Cattelaya’s mix of casual and dressy pieces from his Spring/Summer 2015 line highlighting how to create contrasting workable looks with past, present and more futuristic pieces. His incredible models dawned unique pieces creating a perfect clash of old vs. new to recreate who that new, modern gentleman is today. This show had to be one of my favorite collections of New York Fashion Week because the entire show had such presence. The designs and models were beyond captivating – not just clothes on a model but an actual story.


I ended up mingling with people at the presentation and ran into a friend of the designer. He proceeded to tell me how much work he put into this collection dating almost 5 years back. To me, the entire experience at the Giovanni Cattelaya show was nothing short of spectacular.

Chelsea Piers S/S15 Fashion Week

Chelsea Piers S/S15 Fashion Week

The Chelsea Pier Studios are among some of the City’s most gltizy studios for Fashion Week – set in the most artistic neighborhood right alongside the water it’s just the right place for lights, camera, action. I was lucky enough to attend the a first Saturday of Fashion Week show of the very talented, Katya Leonovich.


What a show and what an audience! The room was packed tight and of all the fashion shows I watched this season, this show felt very much like what the excitement and craze of Fashion Week should feel like.




Packed tight, staring down at a narrow runway lit very bright, lined with photographers and fashionistas of all kinds. Katya’s Spring/Summer 2015 Collection felt like a build from her ongoing portfolio of atypical dresses alluding to a myriad of trends and thought processes. Her dresses feature different cuts and fabrics, mixing in a futuristic, yet very feminine vibes. Truly, a sight to see as her stunning models acted as easels for her clothing masterpieces. She continues to push the envelope for emerging fashion and this is clear in her runway approach.

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