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Miss Puppo and Her Way to Express Fashion

The fashion world is growing faster, many blogs and fashionistas are being displayed before our eyes every day through the Internet. Trends, street style, DIY, beauty tips … The fashion blogs are constantly looking for new aesthetics  and bloggers are always trying to deliver a unique style. This variety and mix of styles is what we like here at INSPIRARE.

Miss Puppo is a blog about all this; street style, fashion editorial, sometimes DIY, and interesting interviews with fashion artists.

Beatriz Puppo

Beatriz Puppo,  the author, is a 22 years old girl from Seville (Spain) but currently living in York (UK). She defines herself as a young journalist who loves fashion and photography.

I had another blog but one day I realized I was doing what people wanted me to do, not what I wanted, so I decided to close the blog and a few months after, Miss Puppo came to fruition.

Miss Puppo fashion blog

Miss Puppo summer editorial

Miss Puppo Blog

The name came because most of her friends call Beatriz by her surname Puppo, which is Italian, so she thought it was a good name to be differentiated.

For me photography and fashion are ways to express yourself, that is why I like to take pictures of random people on the street, so you can try to capture the personality of these people in one image.

Miss Puppo photographer

Miss Puppo Summer Editorial

Her future plans are to study a master degree in Fashion and Communication in United Kingdom and have fun while enjoying fashion and makes it her profession.

Don’t miss her street style shootings and coolest looks!


MODELS: Mariló Gonález (LOLERAS) and Paloma Gómez (BYOURWAY)

Written by Andy Lencina


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