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Fresh and Delicate Jewelry by Manolita

Manolita La Sencilla

Simplicity, elegance and a touch of color are the properties of the jewelry made by the talented Spanish María Rodríguez Garcia, also known as Merimalismo.

María is an Architecture student and illustrator from Seville who has started her own jewelry brand with succeed. The idea comes from her passion for making necklaces and bracelets for herself when she’s going to a special event. With each piece, Maria wants to capture the essence of the old andalusian tradition mixed with the new and modern minimalism. She uses mostly squares and little balls as basic figures, sometimes with a house shape. Among the colors, she prefers to work with black and grey, although she confess she likes to add a touch of color like a pale pink or light blue. As a step of the process, she looks for inspiration in the photos around Instagram, Pinterest or magazines.

The pieces are made with a polymer clay which are already colored. Once it’s cut as it’s wanted, the clay has to be harden in the oven. Manolita brings you the opportunity to wear special and unique jewelry made with the utmost and delicate care, for you to look elegant and trendy.

Photos by: @manolita_lasencilla

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