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KOTTE an Avant-Garde Brand Made in Spain

Emerging Spanish Fashion brand KOTTÉ is now officially on our INSPIRARE Shop! This innovative brand is like no other… futuristic, avant-garde,  just what those fashion dare devils are looking for.

Jesús Ming is the designer of KOTTÉ, a Spanish emerging brand. He studied at IED Moda Lab Madrid. After his experience in a large company as a fashion designer, decide to take the step further, this time focusing on his own brand. This is how KOTTÉ started. A collection of shirts made ​​with illustrations and digital printing produced under the label Made ​​in Spain.

In their designs we can find images of natural things through microscopes. Colors and prints full of creativity make KOTTÉ a different brand with a strong personality.

We’re Inspired by the geometry, natural look for freshness and closeness of organic elements projected on garments. Making these, explain the simplicity of the human being, which assumes complication.

kotteGreen Shirt, Kotté $77.00 Inspirare Shop

7c8d9790b7953c1fc1b6bd30ce076bfa-638xOri Shirt, Kotté $77.00 Inspirare Shop

kotteAll Shirt, $77.00 Kotté Inspirare Shop

KotteTen Shirt, Kotté $77.00 Inspirare Shop

KotteNer Shirt, Kotté $77.00 Inspirare Shop

kotteSSY Shirt, Kotté $77.00 Inspirare Shop

Don’t miss the opportunity to shop these unique pieces before they’re gone!

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