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Bright, Colorful and Stylish Blog: Vandi Fair

INSPIRARE was lucky to interview stylish and very sweet blogger Lauren Vandiver of Vandi Fair. You can count on her outfit posts to be bright and colorful, one’s that you’ll want to take notes on for date nights with your man, or when you’re going out for a girls night!

Lauren currently works at Fossil, Inc. as a Marketing and PR Coordinator/Copywriter, writing and strategizing for brands such as Michael Kors, Michele, Marc by Marc Jacobs, DKNY and more.

Blogger lauren vandiver
City born: Dallas

Current city: I just made the move from Austin to Dallas.

Where do you like to travel to? I love traveling anywhere and everywhere. I’ve traveled all over the United States, but I haven’t had much International travel experience, though it is on my bucket list to do in my mid-late twenties. One of my favorite cities in the US is New Orleans because of its rich culture, beautiful French-inspired and Antebellum architecture and absolutely delicious food.

Favorite restaurant? Since I’ve only been living in Dallas as an adult for a few weeks, I’ll have to give my Austin favorite – Barley Swine. If you’re looking for a true food experience, this place will not disappoint. A unique selection of beers and wine, cozy-rustic atmosphere and a chef’s selection of several mouth-watering small plates makes for a one-of-a-kind evening you’ll never forget.

 Blogger Lauren VandiverHow did you start blogging? An inherent love for fashion, passion for writing and experience in brand marketing laid the foundation for the creation of my blog in May of this year. As a Magazine Journalism major and a long-time lover of magazines, I found the name “Vandi Fair” all too fitting for my blog. Since, it has become a fun, creative outlet for me to express my personal style

What does fashion mean to you? To me, fashion is a cultural phenomenon influenced by art, architecture, people, nature, politics and pop culture from the past and present.

Each season, new trends are presented around the world by fashion designers, but it’s up to individuals to choose which trends best fit their personal style and wear it in their own way.

Style, on the other hand, is how one person expresses themselves through their clothing. As Edna Woolman Chase once said, “Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.”

If you could live anywhere, where would that be? In my dream world, I would love to spend a few years just exploring the coast of the Mediterranean, from Postiano to Santorini. I have countless photos pinned on my Pinterest travel board and they are absolutely breathtaking.

Biggest inspiration: When it comes to fashion, I’m inspired by bright colors, pretty textures and voluminous silhouettes. I also love mixing the old with the new, so I have several items of my mother’s from the early 90’s and 80’s that I’ve currently been infusing into my wardrobe.

My closet is a mix of both vintage and vintage-inspired clothing and accessories, organized by color.

When I’m feeling particularly inspired, I’ll go into my closet and start mixing clothing items to create outfit potentials. If I love it, I’ll snap a picture with my iPhone so I don’t forget.

Blogger Lauren Vandiver

In my opinion, the most important key to success is spending time with the people that you love most. No matter what you do in your career or where life takes you, if you make time for that, you will always be happy and fulfilled.

Your fave DIY? My favorite DIY’s are ones that involve revamping old furniture to look brand new. My aunt gave me this old wooden dresser painted black with over sized silver knobs that I completely transformed. I sanded it down, painted it a light mint blue and replaced the knobs with little porcelain flower ones, and it’s now one of my favorite pieces in my room.

Favorite place to get a drink? A good margarita is my absolute go-to and Benji’s on 6th street in Austin delivers one of the best in town. Not to mention, they have an amazing happy hour featuring discounted margaritas, guacamole tacos and more. Yes, please!

Favorite item of clothing? I have this off-the-shoulder, white eyelet top that I’ve had for over four years and have worn so many times (you can see it here). From skirts to shorts to pants, it pairs with so many things in my closet and I love the feminine, romantic touch its adds to any look.

Blogger Lauren VandiverThe shoe you should always have in your closet? Cinderella was one of my favorite movies as a child, so at a very young age, I learned that a pair of shoes can change your life, literally. I believe every girl needs a pair of go-to heels that make her feel beautiful and confident, but are also comfortable.

Favorite pastime: I grew up on a diet of Disney animated movies, and that love has carried far beyond my childhood. I am a major Disney fan and own just about every one on Blu-Ray that’s been out of “the vault” in the last three years. I also absolutely love traveling to the Disney Parks. I had an absolute blast running in the Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon last year and I’m going back to run it again next year with my family.

 Blogger Lauren Vandiver What is on the horizon for you? I just started an exciting new job in brand marketing and copy writing at Fossil, Inc. in Dallas and I hope to continue and grow my fashion blog as a creative outlet on the side. I’m looking into buying a house soon, and I can’t wait to get involved in decorating – that’s one of my absolute favorite things to do.

You’ll never see me without: Lately, I’m never without my FitBit. I love to run, but I also do a lot of walking around at the office during the day, so it’s encouraging and motivating to see how many steps I’m taking each day. It’s also fun to compete with my friends and family using the FitBit app.

Don’t forget to check out Lauren’s blog! INSPIRARE will keep an eye out for future outfit inspirations from this stylish Dallas blogger!