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NY Fashion Blogger: The Fashion Minx


City Born:  Bronx, NY

When’s your birthday? What’s your horoscope sign?

February 21st- Pisces ;-)

Would you say you could relate to your horoscope? 

Pisces are described as very sensitive and intuitive, so I think that describes me perfectly.

Where are you from?

NYC girl, born and raised! I grew up in the Bronx, but I now live in Astoria, Queens with my boyfriend.

The Style Minx

Where do you like to travel to?

I am not just saying this I swear, but I LOVE San Francisco. To me, it’s the city that most reminds me of NYC, but with a West Coast flavor.

I love the architecture, the hills, the people, everything about it!

If you could live anywhere, where would that be? 

I honestly can’t imagine living anywhere but NYC, when they say it’s the greatest city in the world, they aren’t lying!

Describe your neighborhood: 

I love Astoria because there are so many amazing places to eat, we are close to the park, and it has a great neighborhood feel, while still being only 15 min from midtown Manhattan

Biggest inspiration:  People who follow their dreams despite naysayers, negativity, and fear.

The Style Minx

What would you do if you won the lottery? 

Wow, this is always a question that requires a lot of thought. I would say, besides sharing my winnings with family and friends, and taking a trip to Europe, I would love to open a no-kill animal sanctuary and rescue dogs and cats that have no home.

Favorite place to get a drink:  Watawa Sushi in Astoria- they make the BEST Lychee plum wine sangria!

Favorite place to eat:  I am obsessed with Bareburger. They are a small organic burger chain on the East Coast that has every type of burger you like, along with homemade sides and sauces.  Who doesn’t love a good burger?

Favorite place to go dancing: I love Le Bain because it has incredible views of Manhattan and the Hudson River.  If you haven’t visited The Highline in NYC, you definitely need to put it on your list!

The Style Minx

Favorite item of clothing? 

My quilted Balenciaga leather jacket. I never want to take it off!

Who knows you best?

My boyfriend Chris knows me better then anyone, inside and out.

Most coveted designer piece:  My vintage XL Chanel Flap has to be it. It’s timeless, classic, and has that retro feel.

Favorite pastime:  Going to see new and exciting art in the city, whether that be a new play, or a new art exhibit.

What is on the horizon for you?

In addition to blogging, I just finished performing in a play in NYC that I helped co-produce, and my boyfriend wrote.  I have some exciting projects coming up, including adding video to my blogs each week, and also filming some original sketches with my comedy group.

The style Minx


When I realized that to be a true artist, you need to create your own art, whether that be starting your own blog, writing your own play, or putting on your own shows.  Too often, people wait around for their “big break” when they really hold all the power of their future in their own hands. If you want to work as an artist, create your own work.

I CAN’T START MY DAY UNTIL: I have a cup of coffee.

SUCCESS IS: Doing what makes your heart sing, no matter what that is. 


The style minx

THE ONLY PLACE BETTER THAN NYC: Is there such a place? LOL Kidding…..Italy comes close!

WHEN I FEEL UNINSPIRED: I read an amazing book, see a great play, or listen to beautiful music. 


Stay true to yourself, go after what your heart wants.  Accept nothing less.

Written by Nicole Taylor