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KOTTÉ – Designer’s Interview

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How and when did KOTTÉ begin?

Kotté was born in 2012, we were talking for months about creating a brand, and finally the circumstances made it happen.

Who is/are the designer/s? Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I’m Jesus Ming, the designer. I’m in theory in charge of design, photo shoots, videos or anything that has to do with the image of the brand. My partner Doms is in charge of the product, starting mostly from zero (buying yarns, knitting the fabrics, printing, cutting and sewing the garments) but in the practice we are helping each other in everything and are forming the perfect team.

Being based in Madrid and Valencia (Spain), how do these cities influence your designs?

Actually not so much, it’s more a practical situation.

The influence in our work is mostly coming when we travel to other cities; for example Berlin, Paris, etc. It’s inspiring…

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Where do you find inspiration when designing?

In geometry mostly, music, architecture, sculptures, performances, traveling, people, mostly anything!

Who do you design for? Who is your customer?

For anybody who feels comfortable with our creations, man or woman.

What makes your products different from other brands?

Not so much I think, it’s fresh and the love that’s in it?

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What materials do you prefer to work with and why?

Natural fibres, organic cotton is our favourite. Because it’s so basic and comfortable.

Which trends do you think will dominate this A/W 2014-2015? Materials, colors…

Difficult to say, there is so much information. As far as I saw from the catwalks, a lot of prints inspired from the sixties, leather in shiny gold, and fantasy fur in flashy colours …

Define KOTTÉ in 3 words:


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What are your icons in the fashion world?

JEREMY SCOTT  or MARY KATRANZOU are two great designers! Die Antwoord,  as icon.

Finally, what does the future of KOTTÉ look like?

Who knows? We hope to have fun while we do what we love.

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 Written by Andy Lencina