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Interview with designer of NOTE

We had the pleasure of getting great information from the designer of Israeli brand NOTE. Her modern and unique designs are ones we couldn’t resist sharing with you!

Motto:I had my hand Tattooed with the phrase “let it be”, hoping it will remind me to relax, It doesn’t really work.

City Born: Tel-Aviv

Where do you like to Travel to? I would love to go to Japan, everything there seems to be so different; the food, the fashion, the social interaction. Could be very inspiring.

noam blumenthal  Your main inspiration is…? My main inspirations are the materials I use, their weight, texture, color and feel.

But for every season there is another inspiration that joins it to create the collection. At the end of this summer, while I was designing the winter collection I was travelling through a few European cities and what caught my attention was the transitions between spaces, especially in subway tunnels. The quick transitions between outside and inside, the private space and the public space, light and darkness are all behind this “in motion” winter 14-15 collection.

noam blumenthal

 How long have you been designing? I have a hard time determining what was my first official collection but I have been designing women’s clothing since around 2010. I opened my studio 2 years ago after working from home for the first 2 years.

Have you always wanted to be a designer? During my teens I wanted to be an artist and so I studied cinema in high-school and continued to higher studies in Betzalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. I always enjoyed sewing and designing the art and costumes for my film sets and after I graduated from college I realized that I don’t need the camera anymore.

What is your personal style? I don’t like dresses that are very short, or with deep necklines, pants that are too tight and generally clothes that make me pull them down or wiggle uncomfortably. I like to always feel comfortable and at ease.

noam blumenthal


noam blumenthal

Favorite Pastime: Fine dining with my love.

Who are your idols and why? I don’t really have any idols, I take small parts of many different people.

What is your dream collaboration? My dream for the future is to work in a studio with a few designers from many different fields like industrial, jewelry, accessories, Graphic and textile design. But my dream for the now is to collaborate with a textile designer and make the fabrics for the collection ourselves.

noam blumenthal

When you feel uninspired you: I don’t really get uninspired anymore, ever since I decided that it’s much more about hard work than inspiration.  I think that sometimes you get stuck so you need to take a break or move on to something else.

Advice for those who are just beginning design: I would say that growing slow is the way to go. Small steps and small risks makes the road longer but you learn much more and will end up with a better product. But if I had a lot of money who know what I would have said…

noam blumenthal

Current projects you’re working/will be working on? Right now is the time of the year when I’m working on the photoshoots and all the media and social media promoting and presenting the new collection and in about a month I’ll start working on the summer collection due in April 15’.

One thing most people don’t know about you: I’m an open book.