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16 things about DAIGE

1. Who are the makers and shakers of DAIGE?

My name is Melinda Toth, and I’m the designer and head of DAIGE. I’m lucky to have a great team of helpers, we are in the same rocket to built up the brand.

DAIGE Orange Skirt

DAIGE Designer

2. How was DAIGE brought to life?

I was very lucky, I got a call from Marie Claire Hungary to take part of their Fashion Days and show my collection, so I asked a former classmate to make a collection together and that was the moment when DAIGE was born.

3. What does DAIGE mean?

It means us!

4. How would you describe your brand?

I create mini-collections that embrace a specific concept and thus are constructed thematically. DAIGE draws inspiration from sports, nature, contemporary arts and cinema mixing these impressions with real sophistication. The collections of the label represent a vast scale of clothes from the color-bomb, loose cut street-fashion pieces to pure and comfortable elegance.

What sets the label apart is the strong idea and concept behind every collection, the combination of funky prints with smart cuts and an edgy style. This is the essence of the DAIGE aesthetic with a hint of irony.

DAIGE Blue Dress

DAiGE Orange skirt and color top

5. How would you describe the type of woman that wears you brand?

Our special clothes call for the wardrobe of women whose style is not built up of efforts but stems from a strong, complex personality.

They are self-conscious and also sensitive to their own world and environment, have the courage to try new ways, adventures and to widen their own boundaries.

6. Where is your brand located and has that created any struggles for you?

We are located in Budapest, Hungary. Every situation has both sides, so because Budapest is smaller then other metropolises in the world, it’s easier to be known in my country and if you have great product and branding the press finds you.

On the other hand the customer’s purchasing power is less then elsewhere…

7. If you could relocate your brand to any other place, where would it be? Why?

Maybe I would start it in the USA, but only if I was born and raised there…

DAIGE White Look

White Dress DAIGE design

8. What is your studio like?

My studio is a room on HEINRICH STUDIOS. We are on the second floor and in every room, there is a designer working. Everybody is different but we can help each other.

9. What is it like being in the industry?

Its difficult and challenging: we need to think about the big picture and we always have to be able to find new ways in every aspect of this business: design, marketing, PR, financial planning.

10. What store would you love to have your clothes in?

We would love to be in showrooms and stores of the big fashion cities.

We like the West Coast and Australia but also can imagine DAIGE in London, Berlin or New York and Tokyo, where people love to wear exciting cuts and colors.

DAIGE Bags Collection

DAIGE  Shopper bag

11. What fashion blogger would you love to have your clothes featured by?

Manrepeller, Susie Bubble, Zina Fashionvibe, Zanita Morgan,  Rebecca Laurey.

12. What is your favorite social media channel?

My favorite is Instagram because I directly manage it my phone.

13. What has been the most fun about being a Fashion Designer?

I love the design process, and the fact that this happens in more dimensions. I mean, first I find an exciting concept, after the ideas, which I draw on paper, I make on pattern and after that I do the modeling in 3D.

Yellow Long Dress DAIGE

14. What have been some struggles as a designer?

It is hard to think about the financial parts about it, but I got used to it.

15. Describe the most exciting event that has happened with your brand?

The most exciting event was our presentation at London Fashion Week this February. It was the first time the brand took a step abroad and we received feedback about our work.

16. And last, but not least – if you could talk to your ten year-old self, what would you like her to know?

Ten years from now I’m working with big internationals retailers: e-tailers and multi-label showrooms. DAIGE is worn by bloggers and sweet celebrities and upcoming underground artists. We took part in many interesting contemporary art projects .We are invited to fashion week such as; London,  and New York.  I still live in Budapest but I travel a lot with the brand.  And I would have liked knowing what it feels like to build up a brand in ten years, leading a great team and how to manage personal life happiness and business together.

Yellow Top and color skirt DAIGE

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