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Inspiration and Style by Christinanista.

Christina Langner is a fashion blogger from Munich, Germany. Despite being born there, she considers London as her second home since she lived there for 1 year. She travels back to London often, either just for fun or to attend London Fashion Week.

The name of her blog; Christinanista refers to the importance of being yourself and trying to find your own personal style. She defines herselfs as her own fashionista.

In her blog we can find featureoutfits of the day, pictures and reviews of runway shows, DIYs and much more… Do you want to know more about her? Keep reading!

Christinanista Blog

Before starting the blog what was your relationship with blogging and the Internet?

Well the internet has always been a big part of my life, also before I started blogging. I had my twitter account before hand, of course used Facebook on a regular basis kept myself up to date through news and fashion websites. I am always up to date with the famous bloggers, but I have to admit that I actually wasn’t reading blogs daily or frequently. That definitely has changed since I have my blog now.

It’s very important for me to see what other bloggers are up to and more importantly support each other through social media or comments, as I really do think it is important to show love to others in the blogger community.

I didn’t have Instagram before, nor stumbleupon or lookbook, so the internet and everything that comes with it has definitely become even more important to me.

Christina Langner Fashion Blogger

How did you start your blog?

How did I start my blog… well I thought about starting my own blog for ages, but just didn’t feel like it was the right time yet. So one weekend I just set up the website and thought of a concept that would make sense for me, shot my first outfit and just posted it. I didn’t plan it for long, I just went for it. I think that’s the best way to do it as well, I mean it’s great to prepare exactly what you are going to post in your first month, but at the end what makes sense for you and your blog will just come naturally and through the process.

When creating looks, what inspires you?

Normally I see a place or spot where I could imagine taking pictures, because I think the scenery would look nice in a picture and then decide spontaneously what I want to wear. Sometimes I just take a couple of shots while I’m out and of what I’m wearing that day, then the posts are not planned at all obviously and rather random.

I don’t really have a fascinating story when it comes to outfit inspirations, but it’s the most authentic way for me to take a picture of what I have been wearing that day or what you just felt like.

Christinanista Profile

If you had to choose a fashion icon, who would it be?

This is a hard question to answer, because there are so many inspirational fashion icons, that all have something special about them, but different qualities.

Spontaneously I would say Naomi Campbell, it’s more her attitude and the way she wears clothes, rather than the clothes itself. I mean her clothes these days are super edgy and I enjoy structured clothing, but I think it’s definitely something to strive for to be so extremely confident and command a room, the way she does. Confidence is key!

We know you love to use accessories in your looks. What is your favorite accessory

Big chunky statement necklaces. You can upgrade a look so easily with big necklaces. Of course I would never say no to an interesting handbag, as well!

Christina Langner Jewelry

What do you think is the key piece for this Summer? And accessory?

Coordinates and two-pieces in bold colors. Prints and vintage sunglasses in interesting shapes.

At Inspirare we really love to get inspired by others fashionistas and we just love how each one of them have a unique style. We want to thank Christina for sharing with us a little bit about her.

Written by Andy Lencina