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All American Fashion Stylist Caitlyn Mahaffey

Caitlyn Mahaffey is a junior fashion stylist at the Academy of Art University. Being raised in a variety of locations including, Virginia, San Francisco, Pittsburgh and Boise, has given her a very eclectic perspective on style. She enjoys pairing unexpected pieces together to create an interesting aesthetic. Her career goals are to achieve a stylist position at one of her favored magazines.

Caitlyn Stylist

Sail look by Caitlyn
What made you want to become a stylist?

I’ve loved fashion ever since I was little. I grew up with some stylish ladies in my life such as my mother and grandmother.

They were an inspiration and inevitably, fashion became a part of me. I began combining garments for fun and it eventually became clear to me that I should make this into a career.

Do you have any special tricks you’ve learned during your time as a stylist?

My professor, Flore Morton, at the Academy of Art University has shown me some great tricks over the last couple years. My favorite one is to use plumber’s foil tape to hold a fold or flap in place. It goes on easily and allows the garment or accessories to be manipulated.

Ethnic style by Caitlyn
What are you inspired by?

I am mostly inspired by art and street style. I am often researching artists from the past and present to see their color pallets.

As for street style, I believe our peers are the most creative. No style is exactly the same so I love to see how people can take the same garment and make it completely different.

What trends in styling are you seeing right now?

Right now I’m seeing a lot of monochromatic trends. Many bloggers are doing white on white, which is one of my favorites.

Thank you Caitlyn for your time and we hope you the best on your future projects!