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Interview with Martina Palermiti, a Designer Made in Italy

Interview with Martina Palermiti

I’m Martina Palermiti and I studied at Polimoda Institute Fashion Design and Marketing and I graduated in 2013.

I was born in 1990 in the south of Italy, at Reggio Calabria. My passion for art and design started as a child, which is why I decided to learn English, I believe that the English language is essential nowadays, but especially in the fashion world. So I decided to start a career in fashion and began my studies in Florence at Polimoda.

At Polimoda I learned the importance of research, while deepening my knowledge and technical skills in garment designing as well as construction. This was done all while working in a multicultural and challenging environment. I designed and sewed all my collections using high quality fabrics. All made in Italy.

You can see my work here Martina Palermiti.

Interview with Martina Palermiti

How and when did your interest begin in fashion design?

Since childhood I have loved everything that concerned the art and creativity, this grew into a love for fashion. During high school, I took several courses in art and fashion design, until the day came where it all took shape. My  first day at Polimoda was when I realized what I wanted. My enthusiasm for this type work is growing every day more and more, as well as the desire to learn.

Which things inspire you when designing?

I’m a fan of manual techniques and craftsmanship, the ability to create with my own hands is central to my creative process. For me, the craftsmanship is not only a creative tool, but it is mostly the main instrument of knowledge which is based on my practice as a designer.

My projects are the result of the contraposition of minimal forms with details of force that are often inspired by architecture, art, cinema and photography;

To create a new aesthetic of timeless beauty, I play with folds, hand piece fabrics and developed prints.

Interview with Martina PalermitiInterview with Martina Palermiti

And outside of work? What other things inspire you?

I am fascinated by art exhibitions. I often attend art galleries where my attention may be drawn even from simple strokes of color.

Win the emotions, the best source of inspiration.

 How would you define your style?

Minimal with graphic details and full of contrasts, from the volume sought respecting the silhouette, with the desire to explore the darkest inner worlds. My goal is to continue to walk on the visionary side, oscillating between darkness and lightness, trying to be more contemporary. With accessories, I always try to bring out the most ironic part of my style.

  What materials do you prefer to work with and why?

 I’ve always been fascinated by the different materials that can be developed and the metamorphosis, how simply it is to change a fabric. For this reason, I have experienced this a lot during my studies in Florence. Especially working with leather, I am in love with this material. It’s difficult to work with leather but once the garment is made the result is wonderful. All forms applied to leather, it is different and also shocking what you can learn from just working with this fabric.

 What have been the most unique challenges that you’ve discovered in your career? What are the most interesting problems you’ve had to solve, and how did you solve them?

The obstacles that come during our journey are numerous and often difficult: real challenges, from which we measure our success in what we want and desire. Very often you find yourself in situations that are bigger than us, but it is the spark that brings you to improve yourself, by asking for specific objectives, thinking that the hard work is then rewarded with many satisfactions.

I am constantly in a challenge with myself by always trying to exceed my limits.

Interview with Martina PalermitiInterview with Martina PalermitiWhat are your icons in the fashion world?

I really admire Daphne Guinness, who manages perfectly to convey her personality in her style.

Interview with Martina PalermitiInterview with Martina Palermiti

Which fashion brand or designer would you like to work with?

I love every single detail in the garments of Balmain and Balenciaga. Would be a dream to work with them. I really admire the work done by these two great masters, especially the research on materials and shapes. They are extremely creative and visionary.

Interview with Martina Palermiti