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Himalayan Inspired Ready-to-Wear

INSPIRARE collaborated with Yaza to create a lookbook with Namgyal Choedon Newton, owner of the brand. Yaza has a sister brand Himalayan Couture that you’ll want to check out as well!

Spring Sighting Editorial

Yaza was created in 2013 by two Tibetan American sisters in memory of their loving father. Yaza pays homage to Himalayan ancestry and respects the vastness of the world traveled by nomadic peoples throughout history.

When the two sisters arrived in San Francisco they brought with them centuries of tradition inherited from their diaspora roots, a penchant for design and a love of the fabrics, threads, colors and craftsmanship that was handed down from the Indian and Nepalese people they encountered along their lifelong journey.

Spring Sighting Editorial

Spring Sighting Editorial

Yaza makes more than clothes; it makes new heirlooms through the art of fashion design. Their story is one of adaptability, vision, survival and global observation.

Spring Sighting Editorial

Spring Sighting Editorial

The mission of Yaza is to provide every woman beautiful garments that have centuries of tradition sewn into every stitch drawing on her inner-style and adding a global aesthetic to enlighten the world in which she moves. Yaza offers contemporary styling and affordability to provide access to a new generation of woman, who wants to incorporate the Himalayan aesthetic to her wardrobe.

Spring Sighting Editorial

Around us we see women, from starlets to neighbors, wearing clothes that are often indistinguishable. The outward expression of style is rarely unique or memorable.

With Yaza, each piece is designed to stand alone or be worn as part of an ensemble, but always delivers an eye-catching, compliment to the wearer.

The quality fabrics, silk threads, accent stitching, and details are often reminiscent of the nomadic experiences. The Yaza woman can reclaim style and redefine her power through the way she looks and feels.

Photographer: Nikki Novi
Make-up Artist: Anne Laporte
Stylist: Andy Lencina
Stylist Assistant: Nicole Taylor
Model: Inna Nosenko

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