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Gold Jewelry: Shine Like a Star

With the change of season there are many events that show up on our calendar. Evening parties, special events, and office dinners that all mix between weekdays making it hard to decide what to wear. It’s difficult to think of new cool outfits for every event – also our wallet doesn’t allow us to go shopping every week.  Well, here are some ideas to help make your outfits look radiant and trendy for any occasion.

Remember, there is no better way to personalize your look by adding a nice gold jewelry. Start to shine like a star!

MHART gold jewelry

The Aquarius by Michael Hartney, $125.00 in our Inspirare Shop

Gold Bracelet PLT

Luna Cuff by Pretty Little Thing, $60.00 in our Inspirare Shop

Rachel Entwistle ear Cuff

Modern Primitive Ear Cuff Gold by Rachel Entwistle, $589.50.


Ouroboros Snake Ring Gold by Rachel Entwistle.

Gold Jewelry Trends

Amanda’s Choker by Vanina, $135. 

Featured image: Gold Oni Choker, by Hissia, $2,050.00.

Necklaces,  rhinestones bracelets, awesome rings, any option is perfect to make you shine! Don’t forget to visit our Inspirare Shop and add some gold into your wardrobe. 

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