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Farewell from Inspirare!

Farewell from Inspirare!

So long, dear friends! An idea was born to embrace creativity, and to promote emerging fashion designers. A journey was taken to explore the road less traveled. I knew well it would not be an easy journey, and we had given it a good and hard try. I appreciate San Francisco as it fosters innovative ideas and treats brave souls well. It’s a city where all nationalities are treated equally, whether you are British, Chinese, French or Italian. It’s a city where complaints have no place, and innovation screams. It’s a city that entrepreneurs would travel million miles to melt themselves into.

Leaders never complain – they stay creative, they take actions to resolve problems, and they fly high. That’s what makes San Francisco Bay area the true leader of innovation in the world.

I am grateful to interact with the most determined and innovative designers from all over the world. I am grateful to my staff who brought their positive energy and drive into this venture. I am grateful to the legendary fashion educator and savior, Simon Ungless, the Executive Director of School of Fashion, Academy of Art University who gave me his genuine support from the very beginning. I am grateful to many others who provided inspirations to me every day, and supported me in every way.

Dream big, act swiftly, stay positive and make our life counts. Onto the next journey… …

Wish you all the best!

Sean Peng

Special thanks to the following individuals:
Simon Ungless, Andrew Hagenbuch, Kathy Lee, Aaron Belcher.
Adrienne Glenn, Andrea Lencina, Carole Plancon, Caroline Tian, Chaira Poli, Ehvan Tran, Frederick Price, Jeffry Raposas, Jolin Tsai, Josephine Liu, Karen Luc, Michelle Boccia, Nicole Taylor, Paola Soto, Paula Tabinski, Pearl Michaelson, Morgan Truong, Tara Shannahan, Theodore Groger.

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