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A Brand That Does Comfy & Sporty Chic!

Dressign is a new indie urban fashion brand with a touch of architecture and couture. The brands goal is to create affordable, comfortable clothing that is durable enough to keep up with your active lifestyle, yet fashionable enough to keep you looking your best. Every piece that you can find on their online store can be customizable to your needs. Dressign focuses on fresh new takes on the typical streetwear looks. Casual and comfortable with a hint of sporty-ness, and are made by using ethical and eco-friendly practices! Check out more of their pieces on our Inspirare Shop!


Geometric Hooded Bomber Jacket, $130.00 Inspirare Shop 



Grey Sweatshirt with Faux Leather Accents, $100.00  Inspirare Shop 


Faux Leather Sleeves Sweatshit, $95.00  Inspirare Shop 


Old Pink Quilted Sleeve Top, $67.00 Inspirare Shop

These pieces are a great comfortable way to stay comfy and chic this fall!

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