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Katelynn of Chronicles of Frivolity

Chronicles of Frivolity

Katelynn McFarlan started Chronicles of Frivolity with her best friend, they work both in PR. With many fashion clients they both thought creating a blog would be a great way to learn about the fashion industry while having a creative outlet for work.  The blog led Katelynn’s best friend to an amazing PR job, and now it’s Kateylnn’s full -time job!

As a blogger and necessary outfit posts, what helps her get inspired are people’s distinctive staples. Katelynn has friends who always mix prints and also those who only wear classic pieces, so mixing those two styles together makes her feel that she’s representing the people she loves. Her style described in 3 words would be: Eclectic, Edgy, and Dallas-esque.

Chronicles of Frivolity

“My favorite accessory is my monogram necklace. My mother got it for me years before I had ever seen anyone wear one. I’ve layered it with every look I have worn, every day, for the past for years or so! Whenever I get married it will kill me to have to put it away.”

Bridget Bardot and Olivia Palermo are Katelynn’s style icons. She’s obsessed with the 60′s and believes Brigitte’s style allows every girl to feel gorgeous! She loves Olivia’s use of accessories, and believes she mixes print better than anyone.

“I would wear a paper sack and just jewel myself if I had to!”

The city Katelynn would move in a heartbeat would be the lovely Chicago! Though, she would have to force her mother and sister to come with her, but they’d decline each time.Chronicles of Frivolity

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