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A Dreamy Brand: CarouselFashion

From the city of Dnipropetrovsk in Ukraine we have an amazing brand CarousalFashion created by Carine & Claire you’ll be wanting to check out for any future glamorous events, and your wedding! CarouselFashion was established July 2012 focused at first on creative cut and design RTW, but later they found that creating evening and wedding dresses was their true calling. Their favorite way to create and express themselves. With two people head of the brand, naturally they have different visions when creating a piece. It happens often that they both end up developing their own idea, but always ask for suggestions from one another to make the dress cohesive and perfect as can be.


Every dress is made with love and passion, and we try to share our inspiration through our work. For us it’s not just the clothing, but like a person with particular individuality, character and soul, it’s our way of living.

Their style icons that play into their inspiration for creating dresses are for one Audrey Hepburn, and the other Anna Dello Russo. With two extreme different style icon preferences it helps them combine classic and contemporary design in their work, which brings something special and unique to their dresses.


The most difficult obstacle for us was the lack of the start-up capital. That’s why our first steps were slow and not as effective as they are now. This was a tough period of our life, as we had to work on another job to afford the road to our dream. We were extremely happy when it gave it’s first results and we could dedicate all our time and energy to only fashion design.

Carousel FashionCarousel Fashion


Most of their customers find them on their online Etsy Shop, where most of their shoppers come from France, as well as the U.S.

Another element of their brand that they love is making custom made dresses for their clients. They always find it a fun and interesting project, and of course meaningful to create somebody’s dream dress. (Just like a fairy godmother, who wouldn’t want that?!)

Delicate, uniquely beautiful dresses you’re sure to find them one of a kind. CarouselFashion has a bright future ahead of them!

Written by Nicole Taylor

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