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Beauty Lab Photography

Manuel Hidalgo is a fashion and beauty photographer from Barcelona, Spain. After studying hair and makeup, he moved to London and somewhat later to Montreal where he worked as a makeup artist.  A few years after he returned to his hometown in Barcelona where he lives now.

After more than 15 years in the fashion world, he decided to go one step further and start his professional career as a fashion photographer. Thanks to his experience and creative personality, Manuel found in the photography a new tool of artistic expression. His expertise in cosmetic endow and his work of unique sensibility, makes him very different from other photographers.

Manuel Hidalgo Look 1 Dior

Look 1

Lips: Dior addict fluid stick 575
Eyes: Diorshow art pen black eyeliner
Diorshow iconic 060
Skin: Diorblush 556 Diorskin nude

Manuel Hidalgo look 02

Look 2

Lips: Dior addict fluid stick 338
Eyes: 5 Couleurs designer 408
Sourcils poudre 453 Powder eyebrow pencil Diorskin
Skin: Cristal nude 001

Manuel Hidalgo look 03

Look 3

Eyes: 5 Couleurs transat edition 344
Diorshow extase 060
Skin: Diorblush 849
Diorskin nude tan, Golden shimmer powder
Lips: Rouge Dior 314

Manuel Hidalgo look 04

Look 4

Eyes: 5 Couleurs mystic metallics 384
Dioshow new look 060
Skin: Diorskin nude matte 003
Lips: Diorific 020

Manuel Hidalgo look 05

Look 5

Eyes: 5 Couleurs iridescent 259
Diorshow 060
Skin: Rosy glow 001
Lips: Dior addict Lipstick 611

Featured Image

Eyes: 5 Couleurs 970 (Dior)
Dior Crayon Khol 099 Diorshow new look 060
Skin: Diorblush cherie bow edition 729
Lips: Dior addict fluid Lipstick 551


PHOTOGRAPHY: Manuel Hidalgo Beauty Lab Photography.
STYLIST: Josep Fernandez Salvador
HAIR AND MAKE UP: Manel Rosa with Dior and bumble and bumble products
MODEL:Amanda S. Trend Models www.trendmodels.es

Written by Andy Lencina

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