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21 things, our exclusive interview with Kat from the blog KatWalkSF.

With a killer blog, awesome style, a San Franciscan and bubbly personality this girl has got it going on. Earlier this month we got to meet Kat from the blog KatwalkSF. Before meeting her, I had seen her blog and thought how fun and engaging her blog was. The minute she walked into the office the room lit up with her personality and colorful wardrobe she brought a long. It was amazing.

We had the chance to feature some of our made in San Francisco emerging designer pieces on Kat. From designers such as  Alejandra de Coss, , Lila and June, Nami, and Edita collection. She owned each piece and styled them so effortlessly. Along with the help of her friend Evora Baden and Photographer Jennymay Villarete,  we got to shoot these pieces on Kat.

And we also got to chat with Kat, find out more about her in this exclusive interview…

KatWalkSF by Jennymay Villarete

In my past life a Tuesday afternoon photo shoot would have been a dream, not a reality.

I recently decided to quit my full time job and dedicate my summer to blogging. So when the opportunity arose for me to join one of my favorite San Francisco photographers for a shoot I jumped to the occasion. After a quick intro to INSPIRARE via email I knew this was going to be more than my everyday outfit of the day photo shoot. I booked a make up artist and my favorite drag queen, Evora Baden, and started to prepare for the shoot!

The day of the shoot started off with a bang. At 9am my little studio apartment was filled with a make up artist, a drag queen and my small dog, Benji. There were shoes and accessories covering every square inch of the floor and we were making enough noise to send my neighbors screaming! Almost two hours later Evora and I packed up the mini and headed to the INSPIRARE office.

The office is an old school building in the SOMA district. The INSPIRARE team had all of the gorgeous dresses hanging and ready for me to wear, along with a cheese plate and hummus! After swapping out some sizes, (I’ve got curves) we were ready to shoot! Nearly four hours later we had shot four looks, eaten an entire wheel of cheese and shared a ton of laughs!

KatWalkSF by Jennymay VillareteKat is wearing a dress by one of our emerging designers Alejandra de Coss.

KatWalkSF by Jennymay Villarete

21 things about Kat

What is your motto?

YOLO….It is a long story, but I stand by it.

 Where were you born?

Santa Barbara, CA

What is your ethnicity?

I am half Italian and an Irish/Scottish mix.

KatWalkSF by Jennymay VillareteHere we have Kat in another beautiful piece by designers,  Lila and June

KatWalkSF by Jennymay VillareteKatWalkSF by Jennymay Villarete

When is your birthday? What is your horoscope sign and would you say you can relate to it?

My birthday is August 25th, so I am a Virgo. One of the negative qualities of being a Virgo is that I can be overly critical with anything and everything!

When did you move to SF?

In 2008 and I will be here forever!

How would you describe your style?

An over-the-top mix of anything and everything. I was once told I reminded someone of their 80 year old Grandmother, who lived in Miami…and I liked it.

KatWalkSF by Jennymay Villarete

This breathtaking dress is by designer Nami.

KatWalkSF by Jennymay VillareteKatWalkSF by Jennymay Villarete

What inspired you to start your blog?

A trip to Paris. My best friend, Ashley and I booked an apartment in Paris for nearly a month. Right before we left we both decided that this was the perfect time to make it happen!

How long have you been blogging?

Just about a year and a half.

Most exciting thing about having a blog?

Meeting fellow bloggers and designers.

Biggest inspiration:

San Francisco.

KatWalkSF by Jennymay VillareteKat is wearing a piece by designer Edita collection.

KatWalkSF by Jennymay Villarete

What would you do if you won the lottery:

Buy a house in San Francisco (depending on how much my winnings are) and take everyone I loved on an amazing vacation!

Favorite place to eat:

Don Pistos

Favorite place to get a drink:

Original Joes

Favorite item of clothing:

My Chanel fannypack (a major steal on the Poshmark app)

What are your favorite places to shop in the city?

La Boutique, Jeremys, Elizabeth Charles and Alexis Bittar.

KatWalkSF by Jennymay Villarete

What other hobbies do you do on your spare time?

Traveling, eating (hello this is SF) and hanging out with Benji

If you weren’t blogging, what do you think you would be doing?

Shopping…but aside from that I have a new passion project in the works that I can’t wait to share with everyone!

Favorite blogs:

Cara’s Cliche, Allergic to Vanilla, This Time Tomorrow

Who knows you best?

Benji (my dog)

What do you think the future holds for your blog?

I have quite a few goals for my blog and most include the passion project I am working on the side!

If you could give advice to ten-year old younger version of you, what would you say to her?

Take off the Juicy Couture tracksuit, be thankful your Mother made you wear braces for 5 years and NO ONE wants to see your thong underwear, pull up your low-rise jeans!

KatWalkSF by Jennymay Villarete

 You can see more of Kat’s blog here KatWalkSF. If you loved any of the dresses on Kat, make sure to checkout our designer shop here or drop us a line at shop@inspirare.com.


Photography by: Jennymay Villarete